G35 Energy Saving Ø35mm "C1-C2-C3"

Open / Closed

interchangeable with standard 35mm


G35 Energy Saving Ø35mm "C1-C2-C3"

Aperta / Chiusa

intercambiabile con la cartuccia standard 35mm

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Cartridge Ø 40 mm ECOSTOP "C1-C2"



Cartuccia Ø 40 mm ECOSTOP "C1-C2"



Cartridge Ø 25 mm "C2"


Cartuccia Ø 25 mm "C2"



Diverter G30 2 Ways



Deviatore G30 2 Vie

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G25 Joystick

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New Diverter Ø 35mm EVO


Nuova Deviatrice Ø 35mm EVO


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Ø 35mm Diverter Mix

no closing


Deviatrice Mix Ø 35mm

senza chiusura


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New Headwork

high-tech polymer


Nuovo Vitone

in plastica high-tech

New Projects - Nuovi Progetti



G25 Diverter


Deviatore G25



Small thermostatic cartridge



Termostatico tradizionale



G30 Cartridge with upper outlet

Ø30 Cartridge (90° and 180° Rotating Angle)


Cartuccia G30 Uscita dall'Alto

Cartuccia Ø30 (Con rotazione a 90° e 180°)